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Rekindle Acceptance through Definitions - Holidays, Events and Special Occasions

The allure of travel often pivots upon the dissimilarities one experiences from their everyday life. Many of these are just differences in culture, architecture, food, customs and traditions that are definition dependent. The same is true for nearly all special occasions and happenings be it travel-related or otherwise. This project team is forming around the idea that this "Concept of Dissimilarity" can also be creatively applied selectively, locally and in a beneficial way to societies at large.

Said simply, holidays, events and special occasions can and should be open 4 definition. They exist primarily "as is" because of tradition, precedent, mores and custom. They also vary country to country so this will in all likelihood be a geographically specific undertaking by one or more Project Teams.

Our Project Teams follow a four phase approach. The first phase, Chartering will be especially crucial for this project(s) since the potential targets are wide ranging. For more insight into the range of possibilities see two articles under Resources: First Definitions Prevail - Father's Day Observance in America plus a story around the idea of 'Bonus Birthdays' titled Far Two Few Birthdays that outlines a simple, yet unexpected definition. Not surprisingly, both of these candidate examples for improvement fall into a no-man's-land where responsibility for their management is blurred and resistance to change will be unorganized. This could be an ideal project for free thinking Examiners or in contrast, highly pragmatic Implementers.

Project Overview:

Opened: Aug 14th, 2009
Updated: Sep 21st, 2011
Status: Active
Participants: 2
Stage: Chartering around behavioral definitions and their hidden influcence.

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Interest Areas:
  • Civil Society
  • Educational
  • Entertainment
  • Lifestyle
  • Personal
  • Relational
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